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Reasons to shop small this holiday season, and always!

There are so many reasons to shop small- that is, supporting small, local businesses instead of national retailers and big-box stores. ‘Shopping Small‘ is especially important during the holiday season, when most stores generate a good percentage of their income. Shopping small means that you are supporting your community and keeping money in the local economy. All that and you will probably find something unique and awesome, unlike what you might find at those warehouse stores! If all you have in your neighborhood are big box stores, click here for some great ideas for last minute ideas for homemade gifts!

But beyond goods, the big box stores are simply a bad business model. Check out this incredible infographic from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance. Not only are stores like Wal-mart forcing negative changes onto smaller retailers, they have a direct, negative effect on the surrounding community. The craziest statistic is that there is actually an increase in obesity in areas where Wal-Marts are common! The original article is from Grist.

pretty bad news.

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