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Published on May 24th, 2012 | by Vivian Nelson Melle


Prevent Clogged Drains Naturally

A clogged drain lands at the top of most house-related annoyances. While slow drains signal impending clogs, many ignore them and the hint of foulness wafting up. By the time the drain is clogged there is a substantial amount of soap scum, hair, body tissue, grease and other organic materials sealing the drain off from the sewer. Don’t let it get that bad.

Here are four simple ways to prevent clogged drains naturally.

drain strainer

Drain strainers

Prevent Clogs with Drain Strainers

Drain strainers are available in several sizes for kitchen and  bath as well as tubs. They help keep hair from clogging bathroom drains and food fibers and particles from clogging kitchen sinks. They are a cheap solution eliminating some of the bigger clogging agents in both the kitchen and bath. Clean out the strainers on a regular basis to keep bacteria from building up.

{drain strainer via Editor B on Flickr}

boiling water helps prevent clogged drains

boiling water helps prevent clogged drains

Boiling Water Helps Prevent Clogs

A weekly dousing of boiling water down the drain helps loosen debris and liquefy oils, soap scum and other thick build up. Boil a small sauce pan of water or a tea kettle’s worth and pour down the drain. Use on panful for each drain and don’t forget the tub. Pour in a slow, steady stream to avoid splashes and potential burns.

{boiling water via ilmungo on Flickr}

Lemon slice

Lemon slice

Lemon Slices Help Clean Garbage Disposals

You may have heard throwing lemons down the garbage disposal freshens the sink but did your know they also clean the blades and pipes? Sliced lemons contain both lemon oil and juice, both of which help clean the drain while disinfecting. When water is not rinsed down the drain while running the disposal, particles stick to the blades and sides of the drain. Over time this leads to backed up pipes and a malfunctioning disposal unit. Take lemon slices and squeeze the juice down the drain than toss the slices down and run the disposal with running water. You’ll loosen food build up and freshen the kitchen with lovely lemon scent.

{lemon slice via eddie.welker on Flickr}

grease is a culprit for most drain clogs

Grease is a culprit for most drain clogs

Place Oil in Containers

One thing vegan newbies first notice is less build up in the kitchen sink. Oils are one of the biggest culprits for sink clogs, especially animal fats. These sticky, thick oils attract other particles causing drain clogs quickly. If you must use these oils, pour remaining grease in a can or other vessel for disposal instead of pouring down the drain. Even when poured down the drain with hot water, small amounts of grease are left behind. With greasy meals, remove as much of the oily material as possible from plates before rinsing and washing dishes.

If your end up with a clogged drain regardless of preventive measures, hey it happens, you can still clear the line naturally and without toxic chemicals.

{grease photo via jslander on Flickr}


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