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Published on March 1st, 2012 | by Vivian Nelson Melle


Three Eco-Wise Hair Removal Methods

While some eco-warriors may choose to go Grizzly Adams and let their hair grow wild, some of us can’t brave the world with that much hair. Hair deploritories are full of chemicals and disposable razors provide enough plastic to landfills to create a billion-pound Barbie. For those who are not yet ready for Wookie mode, take heart, there are still some methods for hair removal that aren’t too taxing on Mother Earth.

Here are four eco-wise hair removal methods that are simple to use and easily performed at home.

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Believed traceable back to the Egyptians, this hair removal system uses items found in the average kitchen.  One of the simplest recipes calls for two cups of sugar, 1/4 cup water and a 1/4 cup lemon juice. Place the ingredients into a saucepan and heat to 250 degrees. Use a candy thermometer and maintain vigilance to avoid boiling over. Once you hit the correct temperature remove from heat and allow to cool. use a canning jar to place warm sugar for storing. This sugar syrup will be heated later so canning jars are the best storage choice. Once the syrup is cool enough to place on skin, slather it on using a spoon. You will then take one inch strips of cotton and place on the syruped skin. You’ll allow the strips to set for two minutes and then rip them off like you did a bandage as a child. Hold the skin taught before removing to avoid some discomfort.  While this may cause some stinging, the results last much longer than shaving making it a popular choice.

{cc photo courtesy of Mait Jüriado on Flickr}

spools of thread

Spools of thread


This hair removal methods traces back to India where it is still very popular. Because of it’s simplicity of items needed, it is available to most unless, of course, you pay someone to do it for you. Many salons are now offering this method of removal especially for eye brow shaping. All that’s needed is cotton thread and a knowledge of how to hold and roll the thread across the skin. You’ll take about 20-inches of thread and tie it to form a circle. Form an “X” by twisting the thread and then move the center of the “X” to the right then move it to the left. Practice this basic maneuver until it becomes easy. When ready, gently repeat this movement over the skin where the threads will pick up and remove hair as it moves back and forth. This will take some practice but you are sure to find a method and speed which are comfortable for you.

{cc photo courtesy of litlnemo on Flickr}


Stainless steel razor


When we discuss shaving, we’re not talking about the disposable razors many have become accustomed to. The old fashioned razors our grandfather probably used are what we’re looking for and they are becoming easier to find. Like the example above, you’re looking for a razor that takes the standard razor blades which are made of stainless steel or similar metal. You need to use caution with these shaving aids and definitely need a shaving lotion or oil to ensure a slick surface for the blade to sweep across. Take your time and use caution on the knees and other curves. We’ve gotten quite use to the razor doing all the work so this method may take some getting use to but the close shave is worth it. To dispose of old blades, tape the edges in masking tape and place them in an old tin container like those Altoids come in. You can also use old cans and add a slot for placing the blades safely. Some older house may still have a slot in the medicine cabinet for sliding the old blades. The used blades simply fall behind the wall.

{cc photo courtesy of scottfeldstein on Flickr}

What method of hair removal do you use? Are your going to give any of these a try?

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