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Published on January 17th, 2012 | by Vivian Nelson Melle


Coconut Water: Popular Post Workout Drink

Perhaps you’ve made the choice to live healthier this year. Maybe more produce has taken up residence in your kitchen and yoga, pilates or other exercise regimen is a part of your daily routine. While pure water is one of the healthiest drink choices, coconut water is fast becoming a popular option for after exercising because of its nutritional properties.

Here are just a few coconut water options for you to enjoy as a post workout drink or as a refreshing drink.

fresh coconut water

Fresh coconut water

1. Fresh Coconut Water

The healthiest coconut water may just be that from a fresh, young green coconut. After cracking one open the fluid can be enjoyed via straw or poured into a drink. The coconut water may also become an ingredient for you favorite smoothie which is transfered back into the striking coconut make-shift cup.

{CC  photo courtesy of Tanuanand  on Flickr}

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