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Published on October 20th, 2011 | by Sonya Kanelstrand


Creative Reuse of Packaging

Reducing waste is one of the main concerns of modern society. Americans throw away about 4,5 pounds of trash a day, and let’s admit it, product packaging can be such a waste – everything we buy comes in plastic boxes and bottles or aluminum trays. The great amounts of packaging naturally result in piles of trash but when you come to think of it, there is extended life in almost every kind of industrial packaging, and if we find its second purpose we will not only save money but will also help save our eco system.

An inventive idea coming from Costa Rica aims to to minimize industrial processes and maximize the fun of everyday life by giving consumers easy to follow creative ideas straight on the product packages.

A number of Costa Rican brands have already paired up with the Universidad Veritas’ design students who work on the reusing possibilities. Once they come up with the best idea, it is printed on the label for inspiration.

Even the most uncreative of us can follow the instructions from the packaging that has so far been disposed of and come up with surprising new artsy or quite practical items. What is more, on the website (from Spanish, “What do I do with it”) people can not only learn what else to do with their packaging but can share their creative ideas, turning this eco-conscious initiative into a vibrant innovative community.

Hopefully this creative approach to what is normally considered trash can spread out of Costa Rica and can be employed by the great majority of companies for the better future of reusing and inspiration.

How do you reuse your packaging? Share with us in the comments!

[CC photo courtesy of quehagoconesto]

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