Published on September 20th, 2011 | by Vivian Nelson Melle


Fall is a Great Time for Recycling Clothes

Recycling clothes is the best way to clear out old wardrobe, clothes that don’t fit or clothes that maybe looked better on the rack than on you. Most recycled clothes are gently used or can still have their tags making them a valuable gift for someone less fortunate. And less face it, there are many falling into that category today. Here is why fall is a great time for recycling clothes and who those clothes can benefit.

children's coat

children's coat

Clothes for School Children

For most of the country the school year starts at just the beginning of sweater season. For the south, it’s still a few months off from chilly mornings. So by the time autumn rolls away many children are left without proper coats, scarves and mittens. Right now is the best time to donate gently used children’s winter ware to ensure children have the appropriate attire when winter blows through town.

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