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Climate Counts Back-2-Cool Campaign

It won’t be long before we’ll start seeing Back-2-School advertisements again. Back-2-School campaigns seem like relatively harmless advertising campaigns, right? Maybe not. Back-2-School season actually creates more revenue for the US’ top 100 companies than any other time of year other than the holiday shopping season. And, as with all advertising campaigns, Back-2-School advertising campaigns try to get you to buy stuff you don’t need. The amount of wasteful, polluting consumerism that occurs during Back-2-School season is surely quite significant, and even more so if you aren’t buying green products from green companies.

If you are interested in lightening your impact on the planet when the Back-2-School campaigns kick in, leading environmental organization Climate Counts has launched a great Back-2-Cool campaign to help you do so.

Image Credit: Climate Counts Join Climate Counts' Back-2-School campaign.

Join Climate Counts' Back-2-School campaign.

Climate Counts writes:

In 2008, the top 100 brands spent over $100 billion dollars on US advertising alone, and the back-to-school season was second only to the holiday season in revenue generated (US Census Bureau). Companies use these advertising dollars to promote products that require energy, packaging and transportation – all of which contribute to climate change. The question is, what can you do affect the way these companies do business and help bring our planet Back-2-Cool (B2C)?

The answer: Become an engaged climate-conscious consumer and find out what these companies are actually doing (or not doing) about climate change. If these companies truly want your attention and your money, shouldn’t they know how much you care about the climate crisis?

If you want to do your part to help slow or even stop climate change, be a conscious consumer and join the Climate Counts Back-2-Cool Campaign.

Climate Counts is examining the Back-to-School ads of companies in the Apparel, Electronics, Food Products, and Internet/Software sectors over the next two months. Companies it will be examining had over $1.2 trillion in revenues in 2009!

From what it finds, Climate Counts will keep us informed about the climate action (or inaction) of the companies behind these ads, will encourage us to make informed choices, and will also help and remind us to speak with these companies and our friends about our values and our choices.

Again, you can join the Back-2-Cool campaign here, and you can also follow the campaign on facebook & twitter.

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