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Published on July 27th, 2010 | by Guest Contributor


Puma Steps Into Mobile With Solar Powered Phone

Puma has decided to lace up their eco-shoes and step with both feet into the smartphone market- and their first offering is an eco-friendly one. The German Puma company, known well for their football gear and ties to old-school hip hop, launched their phone last week in partnership with Sagem Wireless of France. It even has its own website. Key green features will be an integrated solar cell on the back of the phone for charging and a built-in eco-metering function that will display how much energy the user is saving.

Puma Phone Video Screenshot The new Puma phone uses a solar panel for energy.

The new Puma phone uses a solar panel for energy.

The phone has a 2.8-inch touch-screen, a 3.2-megapixel camera and a VGA video call camera, and will initially sell for €399. While the phone is marketed to sports fanatics, its eco-credentials are apparent from the start. One great thing here is that the phone is not marketed as a “green” phone; it’s a solid smartphone packed with features and functionality that happens to lace up in an eco-friendly way. Is this the next step in green marketing- incorporating green features that make sense into an otherwise mainstream product? We’ll have to see how Puma’s risk plays out on the mobile pitch.



  • Ships in eco-friendly packaging
  • Reverse side of phone is a solar panel for charging. One hour of sunlight = 1 ½ hours of MP3 play or 30 text messages
  • Eco-metering displays real-time count of how many calls, messages and songs have been solar-powered
  • Solar power usage = Puma store redeemable points

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