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Save Trees by Renting or Downloading Textbooks

More than a 20 million trees are cut each year to make new books. Imagine what that means for conservation and carbon capture through the planet!

photocredit: offers Web Kindle E-book Iphone applications

Shmoop offers Web Kindle E-book Iphone applications

More than ever before before, it is time that students realized the value of renting and reusing textbooks., an online textbook rental company, has built a brand that encourages students to help replenish and protect the environment by renting, reusing and recycling their textbooks. Since 2007 when the partnership with American Forests began, Chegg has planted more than 3,000 acres of forests.

Another unique approach to follow a zero waste program involves downloading text books from the internet.

With more e-readers hitting the U.S. market, analysts are predicting a strong surge in the popularity of electronic textbooks used in high schools and colleges in time for school in the fall of 2011.

As major publishers like McGraw Hill and Prentice Hall begin to offer e text books, teachers are slowly beginning to make he transition too.

Online shops such as sell a variety of e-books for the Amazon Kindle as well as e-book and study guide applications for the IPOD touch.

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