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Tips for Going Green at School

Going green has become an important priority for schools all over the country. While teachers and administrators are doing plenty to instill green values into school curricula and infrastructure, the best place to teach kids what to do at school, is…well at home!

photo by kcdsTMHelp your kids go green at school

Help your kids go green at school

Consider these tips for helping kids to take a few steps forward when it comes to going green as the new school year starts:

Ride the bus to school

Even if you do not usually take the school bus, consider taking a public bus to school. It is one of the most eco-friendly options for getting to and from school. According to Terra Wellington, author of the book “A Mom’s Guide to Growing Your Family Green, Saving the Earth begins at Home,” one school bus takes 36 cars off the road reducing fuel usage and emissions. The daily fuel cost to transport a child to school is $3.68 for a private vehicle but only $.73 if that child rides a school bus.

Pack a low waste lunch

You can save money and reduce waste by packing your child’s lunch in reusable bags and containers. For a “no waste” lunch, plan such that the only compostible items are left over, such as fruit peels.  For more ideas on low waste lunches, look at Tips for Packing a Nutritious, Waste-Free Lunch.

Take a reusable water bottle

While it’s very easy to send your kids to school with bottled water,  bear in mind that using a reusable water bottle reuces landfill waste as well you grocery bills. Try Klean Kanteen for a range of interesting designs.

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