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Published on August 11th, 2009 | by Guest Contributor


GreenQuest helps School Districts become Energy Efficient

The energy efficiency trend has picked up speed throughout the various levels of our community. In its latest effort to encourage community-wide energy efficiency, GreenQuest, a web-based energy efficiency tool, has launched a campaign called the “School’s Out Promotion” for school districts.

GreenQuest provides web tools for energy efficiency

GreenQuest provides web tools for energy efficiency

GreenQuest’s web-based energy dashboard enables home and business owners to track the energy use for their home or building and gain valuable energy efficiency insights. Through this new campaign, school districts can provide GreenQuest to their students, staff and community members at no cost to the district or the community. The School’s Out free offer is available to districts that enroll by August 31, 2009.

According to Steve Heinz, CEO of Good Steward Software, publisher of GreenQuest, the dashborad is a practical instructional tool for America’s classrooms:

“Teachers can use GreenQuest to illustrate principles of energy, weather, greenhouse gas emissions, mathematics, and even home economics. For teachers wishing to utilize new technology in the classroom, GreenQuest is an innovative online application.”

In addition to tracking energy use and cost, GreenQuest can be used for a variety of other functions:

  • it automatically performs energy benchmarking
  • it measures the effectiveness of energy savings projects
  • it compares each building’s energy use with its peers
  • it tracks the carbon footprint
  • it analyzes energy use with AccuWeather weather data
  • it obtains an ENERGY STAR building rating (for commercial buildings)

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