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Ecobuddies – A new Virtual World for Kids

The success of Club Penguin has spurred a series of new virtual world ideas for children, many of them thankfully address green living. is the latest in eco-oriented online edutainment for kids.

Ecobuddies, a new virtual world for kids

Ecobuddies, a new virtual world for kids

Ecobuddies is a safe, online virtual word where kids can socialize, play games, create avatars, customize and purchase houses, and much more. Unlike Club Penguin which targeted tweens, Ecobuddies is designed for kids aged between 5 and 12.Pesto, an Ecobuddies character

There has been some controversy in the internet and gaming world as to whether kids of this age are in fact a viable audience. Many companies believe that parents do not allow young kids to spend much time on a computer, making this age-group a less interesting market segment. The flip side is that parents are becoming increasingly busy and are looking to convenient resources to make their kids independent at younger ages. This coupled with a need to instill green values in their children means that many parents are only to happy to expose them to a safe, eco-oriented environment which might perhaps do more good than harm at the end of the day.

Aside from the main website, the Ecobuddies blogspot also has a variety of fresh and interesting content for kids that is updated on a regular basis.

Check out the great website at

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