Published on May 2nd, 2009 | by Stephanie Evans


An Eco Approach to Eliminating Odors

If you live in a city apartment or in a small home, then good ventilation might not have been part of the architecture. Like many of your neighbors, you probably experience some type of odor problem. It might be from your cat, or from the fabulous fish stir-fry you you prepared a few days ago. But it has probably long overstayed its welcome.

Many people spend huge amounts of time and money trying out different home fragrances, candles, and artificial odor eliminators to keep their homes smelling fresh. Alas, most of these temporarily mask the odor with fragrance, rather than actually getting rid of it.

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If you are keen to attack the odors in your home, then you might try the following:

  • Keep a fan blowing in the room that has least natural ventilation or that is most likely to capture odors.
  • Vaporize some of your favorite essential oils in an aromatherapy burner.  Essential oils actually “suck” odors out of the air.
  • Try air cleaning products such as “What Odor.” This eco-friendly odor eliminator spray made up of over 40 essential oils that work within seconds to eliminate odors.  The active ingredients break down odor-causing bacteria, rather than masking it, leaving behind a fresh, clean scent.

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