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Published on February 19th, 2009 | by Stephanie Evans


Condition Your Hair With Natural Vegetable Oil

Do you long for thick luscious locks that cascade down to your waist? Do you wonder what the secret is to beautiful hair?

According to ancient health and beauty practices from India, oiling your hair and scalp with natural vegetable oils is the best way to ensure shine and condition.


Many people associate oil with ‘being greasy,’ but the truth is that conditioning your hair with natural vegetable oil helps cleanse micro dust particles that cause dandruff, irritation and certain types of hair loss. Besides, massaging warm oil into your scalp is time-tested method of enhancing relaxation.

Organic coconut oil is ideal as it draws out heat from the scalp. But if you cannot find it, then try sunflower or safflower oil instead. Massage a small amount of the vegetable oil into your scalp using gentle fingertip pressure and small circular movements. Comb out to the ends of your hair to ensure that you have coated each strand. Then apply a turban made from a hot wet towel to help it penetrate into your scalp and hair. Leave the oil in for at least an hour (or overnight if possible) and then wash your hair out. Your beautifully conditioned, locks will be vibrant with moisture and health!

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Article Contributors: Reenita Malhotra

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