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Published on December 2nd, 2008 | by Stephanie Evans


Dazzling Holiday Decorations in a Snap

Why stock up on store-bought, manufactured holiday decorations when your home, backyard, and local thrift shop likely contain everything you need to creative a festive and inviting atmosphere?

Eco-friendly decorating takes a bit more creativity but is loads more fun!  So round up some friends, prep some snacks, and host a homemade holiday ornament extravaganza.

Origami Ornament from Recycled Paper

Found at Home

Christmas Cards
– Have you saved cards you received in past years?  If not, take cards you’ve received this year and cut them into holiday shapes such as trees, snowmen, or bells and use wire, ribbon, or raffia to attach them to the tree.

Fabric – Do you have a pile of old clothes you haven’t had a chance to donate yet?  Take a few garments, cut them up into pieces, and sew some of the pieces together.  Then cut into a holiday shape and decorate the tree in a country patchwork style.

Wallpaper Sample Books – Some of the big box DIY stores are willing to let you have out of date sample books.  If you cannot get one from a local store, use magazines you have finished reading.  Use the paper to:

Puzzle Pieces
– Do you have some old puzzles you are tired of or have lost some of the pieces?  Make your own repurposed version of a puzzle piece reindeer.

Plastic Straws – Have a box of unused plastic straws in your kitchen drawer?  Check out these Lithuanian Straw Christmas Tree Ornaments and be inspired.

For more creatively crafty ideas, check out 10 Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas Using Stuff You Already Have.  Also, really think about how to use things you may be saving but don’t intend to use, such as felt, lone buttons, or single socks.

From the Great Outdoors

Rocks – Do you or your kids have a rock collection?  If not, take a walk in a park or the countryside and make it a contest to pick up small, nicely colored rocks.  Then wrap thin gold or silver wire, yarns, or festively colored string around multiple times and use the remainder to attach to the branches of your tree or place in a bowl for a holiday centerpiece.

Plants and Flowers – If you have a yard, why not forage for greenery or pinecones to decorate your home?  If you are an apartment dweller without a yard, why not decorate your tree with fresh, organic, locally-grown flowers?  Simply lay large flowers—pointsettas or white lilies are festive choices—among the branches.

Bird Seed – Decorate your tree with ornaments made out of birdseed or try using assorted beads you have around.  After the holidays, put the birdseed outside to feed our feathered friends  Visit Duncraft for holiday ornament ideas.

– Bring a touch of Scandinavia into your holiday by making ornaments from wheat.  Get inspiration from this winter celebrations blog.

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