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Published on September 25th, 2008 | by Stephanie Evans


Green Jobs Now “National Day of Action to Build the New Economy”

Green Jobs Now
Are you ready for the shift to a greener economy and a greener way of life?

If you’re interested in lending your voice to the cry for a greener workforce and learning about your options (and you don’t have any other plans for this weekend), head out to a Green Jobs Now event and join the movers ‘n shakers of the future green economy…

This “National Day of Action to Build the New Economy” is designed to involve the public in raising their voices to call for an American “green-collar workforce”, thereby engaging the political leaders of our country to take action and turn this dream a reality.

The format and focus of each event will likely depend upon what’s cookin’ in your area, but each one is designed to promote education, discussion, and action for widening the sustainable sector.

Increasing green job opportunities is important because (according to the site’s FAQ) a green workforce does the following to cultivate a green economy:

  • Rebuilds a strong middle class
  • Provides pathways out of poverty
  • Requires some new skills (and some new thinking about old skills)
  • Tends to be local jobs
  • Strengthens urban and rural communities
  • Saves planet earth

The two main goals of each event are: Signing the “I’m Ready” petition and uploading a video or photo of yourself and others holding an “I’m Ready” sign.  Including others in your photos and videos displays strong community support, and thereby, a stronger message.

According to the site, Congress is currently deciding whether or not to fund the Green Jobs Act of 2007, which calls for an investment of millions of dollars towards green jobs creation and training.

If you’d like to support this effort but you can’t attend an event, the site lists some alternate options, including:

Though it may be bit late to plan an event this year, consider hosting one next year.  The site’s Organizer HQ provides ample resources for designing and hosting a fun, engaging, and educational event that will make an impression.

Co-producers of the event include Green For All, 1Sky, and the We Campaign.

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