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Published on May 7th, 2008 | by Stephanie Evans


Greening Your Wedding Registry

It is customary to celebrate a wedding event by gift giving. The tradition of wedding registries—a store’s list of gifts that the bride and groom would prefer to receive —makes it easy for guests to purchase a gift that they know newlyweds will truly love and appreciate.

Environmentally conscious couples will understandably want to create registries that reflect their actual wants, needs, and green living values. Here are a few ideas for creating an eco-friendly wish list that will help to guide your friends and family…

Creating an Eco Wedding Registry Wish List

Traditional wedding registries were geared towards helping the new couple furnish and accessorize their new home, but today couples can register for more unconventional items—just about anything goes.

Traditional Wedding Registries

First things first, identify what you truly need. As conscientious consumers looking to minimize your impact on the planet, evaluate what you and your betrothed need to create a comfortable, inviting home for yourselves. Traditionally couples registered for fine china, crystal stemware, and silver place settings, but if formal tableware will only collect dust in one of your closets, skip it. If you won’t use it, don’t register for it.

When choosing where to register, seek out retailers that offer sustainable products or product lines, including items like eco-friendly kitchenware, energy-saving small appliances, organic linens, fair trade home accessories, and non-toxic household cleaners. You can find beautiful items for your table made from recycled materials or renewable resources, including recycled glass tableware and bamboo and acacia wood kitchenware.

Additionally, some eco-friendly retailers will combine gift orders in order to reduce shipping costs and packaging materials, further minimizing your impact. Setting up an online registry is easy and convenient, not only for you, but also for your guests. Visit some of these online green stores that offer wedding registries:

Nontraditional Wedding Registries

Already have every necessity you can think of for your home? Think beyond the box of kitchenware and home accessories and register at a store that better suits your needs. Various other stores, including major home improvement stores and outdoor equipment retailers also offer wedding registries. If you’ll use a power tool or a 2-person tent more than you will a waffle-maker, register for those instead.

Wedding guests want to give you a token of their best wishes. They want you to not only appreciate their kindness, but put it to good use as well. As you inventory your wants and needs, think about registering for unconventional items that you will undoubtedly use and then visit stores to learn about wedding registry options. You’ll be surprised where you can register.

For many couples a fabulous, romantic trip is their primary want, and, let’s face it, after the stress of planning a wedding, it may be an absolute necessity! Sign up for a honeymoon registry if this is the case for you. This type of registry allows you to select elements of a honeymoon (airfare, hotel nights, leisure activities) and ask guests to contribute towards purchasing these things.

There are scores of online resources for setting up a honeymoon registry, but first visit our ecotravel section to get ideas about eco-accommodations and resorts to keep your travel in line with your commitment to a healthy planet.

Can’t think of a single thing you want or need? Go for the greenest alternative and register for guests to make donations to a charity in your name. Choose to support your favorite environmental organization or cause and your day of love and celebration will be a day of love and celebration for the earth as well.

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