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Published on March 30th, 2008 | by Stephanie Evans


Eco Cruising is a Breeze

Cruises are getting greener thanks to new technology and industry interest.

An industry-wide shift towards cleaner tech hints of a future propelled by hydrogen-powered ships.  Hydrogen is made from water and releases water vapor and electricity, not carbon.

A hydrogen future is not the only green thing setting sail for this industry…

Eco Cruise Ship at Sea

The Ocean Conservation and Tourism Alliance (OCTA) created a partnership of cruise lines that are currently greening everything from wastewater purification to marine mapping for ecosystem preservation to building relationships with communities in destination areas.

Approximately 90% of America’s cruise lines participate in the partnership.  View a list of partners at Conservation International.

However, since most ships cruising the seas aren’t currenly powered by hydrogen, here are a few eco steps you can take in the meantime:

  • Eat in moderation.  Cruises are a great excuse to indulge in excessive amounts of food and beverages.  Keep a sensible mindset and only eat what you really need, which will cut back on food waste.
  • Cut down on water consumption by taking short showers and making a request to the cleaning staff to not exchange towels and sheets every day.
  • When at port, travel by bus, by bike, or by foot.  Walking is perhaps the best way to experience a new place—it’s beneficial for your health and the planet’s atmosphere.

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