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Published on February 5th, 2008 | by Stephanie Evans


Valentine’s Day Kid Crafts

There aren’t many eco-friendly options when it comes to the traditional, character-splashed boxed cards that children exchange each February 14th.

Let’s explore some non-traditional alternatives that will delight kids of all ages…

Eco Valentines and Valentine's Day Reuse Projects for Kids

  • Giving Eco Valentines
  • Valentine’s Day Card Reuse Craft Projects

Giving Eco Valentines

If your kids are passionate about animals, have them check out the Endangered Species Valentine’s Day Card collection, printed on Green Seal certified paper. For a tasty treat, order the cards with a set of either milk or dark Endangered Species chocolates. 10% of net profits go back to helping communities and members of the animal kingdom.

Try making heart-shaped Crazy Crayons, a quick reuse craft from Martha Stewart’s Web site that helps you to make good use of old crayons and brings of hours of colorful entertainment.

Edible valentines are eco-friendly valentines! Search for low-fat cookie recipes and use whole-grain flours and nutritious, organic ingredients whenever possible. Buy heart-shaped cookie cutters in several sizes, mix up a little egg yolk “paint,” and let the kids decorate to their hearts’ content…

To make egg yolk paint, whisk together:

  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1/4 teaspoon of water
  • a few drops of natural food coloring
  • Decorate the cookies with paint, then bake. You can then write a message with melted chocolate piped through a sandwich bag with a tiny hole cut into one corner, and embellish with sprinkles or miniature candies.
  • To give as valentines, wrap them in unbleached parchment paper or simply hand them out to be eaten on the spot. These valentine treats are a wonderful way to get a message of care across without leaving anything behind to throw away!

Valentine’s Day Card Reuse Crafts

Ever wonder what to do with those colorful little paper valentines every third-grader brings home after the class Valentine’s Day party? Here are a few ideas for putting them to good (re)use…

  • Placemats made with contact paper, used valentines, wrapping paper, or ribbon scraps, and anything else that suits a flat work of art make a lovely gift or memento of the day gone past. Visit Kaboose for easy-to-follow instructions. This project is great for kids of all ages, with a little help from an adult. Careful patterns or haphazard scatters of color and design work equally well when creating these recycled placemats for youngsters.
  • Bookmarks are also easy to construct using these little valentines. Have several young friends join together to make a whole collection of festive bookmarks and donate them to the local public library or to a nearby school as a belated Valentine’s Day present. Handmade, kid-crafted design and artwork make these playful place-holders a real delight.
    • How-To: Simply cut cards to size and glue pieces to assorted bookmark-shaped pieces of cardboard cut from cereal boxes or other household paper products. Laminate them or cover with contact paper to ensure long-term usefulness. Any length or thickness will work.
  • Postcards. Hunt around the house for large index cards to cut to postmaster-friendly postcard size (minimum of 5 inches by 3.5 inches, maximum of 6 inches by 4.25 inches). Glue or tape valentines to one side or create a collage with lots of different paper bits, and then send this thoughtful postcard to a loved one. Who says valentines are just for the month of February?
  • Recycle Them. Not feeling creative? Collect used valentines from the entire neighborhood or classroom and send to the CardsDirect 2007/2008 Card Recycling and Re-Use Program.

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