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Published on November 18th, 2007 | by Stephanie Evans


Marmoleum Flooring

If you’re looking for the near-perfect green flooring, look no further:  Marmoleum, a natural linoleum flooring material, is not only eco-friendly—it’s also health friendly and ideal for interior spaces.

Marmoleum is made from all natural ingredients of linseed oil/flax, wood resins, cork, limestone, and jute.  The flooring is naturally bactericidal, antistatic, and discourages the collection of dust mites—making it a great option for those affected by asthma and for babies, whose respiratory defenses are still developing.  Another well-touted plus is the flooring’s consistent temperature neutrality, which allows it to work well in all homes, even those situated in zones with extreme climates.

Marmoleum boasts a wide color palette ranging from soft, natural earth tones to boldly colored patterns.  Many marmoleum products come as patented clic tiles, which literally click together for a seamless appearance.  Clic tiles also make for very easy installation.

It’s low maintenance in the cleaning department as well—a simple once-over with a dust mop or damp cloth will restore it to sparkly clean glory.

Don’t forget the lifespan.  Marmoleum is known to last at least 30 years and it’s purported to keep for generations beyond that . . .  This floor will last you virtually as long as you want it!

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