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Published on October 22nd, 2007 | by Stephanie Evans


Ways to Protect Your Organic Garden From Pests

Gardening is tough enough as it is, but when you are trying to grow organic vegetables or simply an organic flower garden, things can get even tougher.  How do you handle pests and weeds without using toxic pesticide sprays or weed killer?  Here are some common household items that can assist you with natural pest control methods:

  • Garlic.  Take 3 ounces of garlic (finely chopped) and add it to two teaspoons of mineral oil.  Allow garlic to soak for at least 24 hours and then add one pint of water and a 1/4 ounce of dish soap.  This makes a concentrate that will help control insects that eat up your organic garden.  When you are ready to spray it on your organic garden, take 1–2 tablespoons and mix with one pint of water to make your spray on solution.  Make sure to test the solution on the lower leaves first to make sure you have not mixed it too strong.  Also be careful where you spray the solution because it can harm helpful insects as well.
  • Milk.  Milk can be used to control certain types of fungus in your organic garden.  Take one part milk to nine parts water and spray on every 5–7 days for a total of three applications.  Milk has proven to be effective against powdery mildew and black spots on organic vegetables and organic roses.
  • Newspaper/Cardboard.  You can use newspaper or cardboard to help control weeds in your organic garden.  These materials are biodegradable as well so they will eventually add carbon back to your soil.  Place 4–6 sheets of newspaper or one sheet of cardboard over the weeds.  It takes about a month, but the best time to do it is in the fall so that by spring, your organic garden is ready to go with some nice soil.  Tip:  If the weeds are in patches where you can isolate them, try pouring boiling water on top of them to kill them.

These are just a few examples of common household items that can assist you with your organic garden.  For more organic gardening suggestions check out .

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