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Published on October 22nd, 2007 | by Stephanie Evans


Include Green Home Appliances in Your Green Kitchen

In today’s world, a green kitchen remodel makes financial and
ecological sense.  As you prepare to remodel your kitchen, make sure
you leave room in the budget for green home appliances.  Of course,
besides the ENERGY STAR refrigerator and dishwasher, there are a few
other green kitchen features you may have overlooked . . .

  • Consider installing a compost pail under a counter to make saving scraps for your compost bin more convenient.
  • Think
    about other electronic items in your kitchen.  Televisions and phones
    come with Energy Star ratings and new green technologies are always on
    the horizon.
  • Use natural, ecologically friendly detergent or liquid soap to wash your dishes.
  • Think
    about cutting back on paper and foam plates and cups and using fewer
    paper towels on a daily basis.  Washing dishes and rinsing rags uses
    much less energy than manufacturing and discarding disposable products.

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