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Published on October 22nd, 2007 | by Stephanie Evans


How to Reuse Those Old Tires

While many people don’t give tires a second thought beyond inflating air pressure from time to time, those big, old pieces of rubber are actually quite useful for someone who practices sustainable living.  Tire reuse right in your back yard doesn’t just make the trash pile at the dump smaller; it also saves you money on tire disposal fees.  Consider these creative ways to (re)use tires to help you with your commitment for sustainable living:

  • Place a tire in your garden area and fill it about halfway full of compost.  Put a layer of potatoes on top of the compost and fill the tire the rest of the way with more compost or chopped leaves.  As the potato plants start to sprout, you will want to position a second tire on top of the first one.  Gradually add more chopped leaves or compost as the plants grow.  When the potatoes are ready to be harvested, picking them is as easy as lifting off the tires and pulling those fresh new potatoes from the plants.
  • Turn the tires into part of your children’s play area.  Tires hold sand to make compact sandboxes, make wonderful swings, and can be used to create obstacle courses.
  • Use tires to protect newly planted trees from vigorous mowers.  Place a tire that has been cut open along one side around the base of your fragile new addition.  When the tree grows large enough that the trunk almost fills up the tire, pull the tire open and lift it away from the tree.

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