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Published on October 22nd, 2007 | by Stephanie Evans


Cut Your Garbage Output

You may have a hybrid car and all the latest energy-efficient appliances, but if you’re still throwing away a great deal of garbage every day, you may not be living the green life you’ve envisioned.  Here are some ideas for reducing your contribution to the waste stream:


  • If you don’t tote along reusable bags for your grocery shopping, reuse your plastic bags as trash-can liners.  Or ask for paper and recycle the bags!
  • Recycle old clothing by cutting it up for dishrags and dustcloths—this can also cut down on paper towel use.
  • Reuse bread bags and other plastic food bags—they’re great for taking a sandwich to work.
  • Buy less processed food—it’s better for your body and reduces packaging waste.

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