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Published on July 1st, 2007 | by Sean Daily

GTR: Non-Toxic Household Cleaning Products with Debra Lynn Dadd

Debra Lynn Dadd
Sean Daily, Green Living Ideas’ Editor-In-Chief, discusses the topics of non-toxic household cleaning products and green bathroom remodeling with the "Queen of Green," author and blogger Debra Lynn Dadd.

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4 Responses to GTR: Non-Toxic Household Cleaning Products with Debra Lynn Dadd

  1. Guest says:

    Hi, I just found your website and was interested to read more about green cleaning topics.

  2. Guest says:

    Its so true how toxic chemicals permeate our lives. It affects our indoor air quality and the environment. As a professional carpet cleaner, I see first hand the toxic junk people will use to spot clean or fully clean their carpet

  3. Juan Fermin says:

    It’s amazing how, especially with all this talk of “Going Green”, so few people are even willing to examine the role they play with the toxic chemicals they use throughout their homes. Even when given a chance to change, many choose not to. Even if it doesn’t cost them a dime more to “switch stores”.

    The funny thing is, you hear about things like saving the environment with things like turning off your lights, or driving less, basically things that save energy or reducing Carbon, when it’s not yet known EXACTLY what the detrimental effects of Carbon would be both to the Environment and your health.
    Yet when it comes to the Toxic chemicals we’re using every day, like Bleach, Ammonia, Phosphates and Formaldehyde, we ALREADY know that they ARE in fact Toxic Chemicals. We already know their detrimental effects on the water supply, and yet most people are unwilling to switch.

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