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Support Your Farmers by Eating Locally

Did you know that you can help curtail global warming just by changing up the fruits and vegetables you buy everyday? Most of the food you eat travels hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles to get to your kitchen table.  Food shipped and trucked from all corners of the world uses untold millions of gallons […]

February 16th

Generating Your Own Wind Power

So you’ve pledged your allegiance to clean, green energy and are looking for ways to support it.  How about generating your own?  You’ve probably seen giant, commercial wind turbines, but did you know that you can buy your own mini wind turbine to put in your backyard? Last year, roughly 7,000 Americans purchased a residential-scale […]

January 15th

Why It’s Cool to Carpool

Almost everyone knows the feeling of being stuck in traffic next to the HOV lane and just itching to pull out and test their luck.  Well, nowadays it’s easier than ever to be a legit member of that two-person-or-more haven as you lower your carbon commute-print and become a green commuter! Carpools have been a […]

January 8th

Handmade Holiday Gifts That Favor Your Budget

Handmade holiday gifts often conjure up visions of less-than-attractive sweaters knitted by sweet Aunt Millie, or last year’s fruitcake rewrapped for this year’s festivities. But handmade gifts don’t have to be unwanted!  With a little time and a small amount of money, you can have fun, exercise your crafty side, and end up with amazing […]

December 12th

The Next-Best Thing: Leasing Solar Panels

There is no question that purchasing a solar system to power your home is an effective way to immediately cut your impact on the planet and gradually cut your energy-related spending.  And although it’s usually an economically-sound decision in the long run, buying a solar panel system has a large up front cost, even with […]

November 20th

What is an Energy Efficient Mortgage and How Can I Get One?

If you are considering home ownership in this buyer’s market, it is important to know that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development works with lenders to make the purchase of an energy efficient home—or energy efficient improvements to an existing home—more appealing and more affordable than ever before. Many lenders offer what is […]

November 5th

Solar Power Your Car

Despite prototype solar vehicles at car shows, solar auto racing competitions, and the upcoming (and pricey) Tesla Motors electric vehicle that can be powered by sun rays, the marketing of solar-powered vehicles to the general public seems a long way off. If you are hobbyist with a penchant for solar technology however, time is on […]

October 25th

October’s Fair Trade Harvest

As nice as it may be to say that we stay eco and always shop local, at some point we are all faced with the prospect of purchasing something made far away that has made its way onto our radar.  If you’ve ever wondered about the who and the how of your item’s creation, you’re […]

October 7th

Eco Eyewear for Greener Vision

Eco eyewear may be easily overlooked, but stylish, sustainable options are right before your eyes.  Whether you’re looking for reading glasses, optical specs, or even sun shades, a low-impact, planet-friendly choice will not only help you see better—it will have you looking good too. A typical pair of glasses is fashioned from plastic—both the frames […]

September 4th

Planet-Loving Plumbing

As the human population of planet Earth continues to grow, supplies of resources like fuel for energy and fresh water for drinking continue to dwindle. It is thus especially vital that we manage our resources as efficiently as possible. Utilizing green plumbing practices and products can have a substantial impact on the amount of water […]

August 17th

Does It Pay to Go Green?

For many Americans, the idea of going green involves over-priced veggies, unaffordable hybrid cars, and expensive organic remedies. So given the price of oil, the falling value of the dollar, and the price of most organic food (and food in general), how practical is it to go green on a budget? Transportation Food Coffee and […]

August 8th

Cost-Saving Home Energy Tips

Energy usage is a major player in the game of going green. When it comes to energy use in your home, there are many things you can do to cut costs and boost energy efficiency. From calculating your energy expenditure to becoming educated about green home improvements, your energy consumption can change dramatically with just […]

July 8th

Ethanol: The Good, the Bad, and the Eco

It wasn’t so long ago that researching and developing sources of alternative energy were considered “fringe issues” that preoccupied the minds and energy of only extreme environmentalists. Now, everyone is included in the search for a solution. Gasoline and its staggering cost are driving a U.S. recession, a world food crisis, and a warming planet; […]

June 21st

Residential Solar Applications

Utilities across the country are running into some hefty competition, and it is not from a new electric company. People all over the world, with Japan and Germany leading the way, are turning towards the sun for electricity and heating needs. While solar technology has been available for over a century, it is just recently […]

June 17th