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Algae Blooms tied to Climate Change

From Oregon State University. The OSU College of Science is one of the largest academic units at OSU and has eight departments and programs and 12 pre-professional programs. It provides the basic science courses essential to the education of every OSU student, builds future leaders in science, and its faculty are international leaders in scientific research. […]

November 11th

Flexible, Thin Batteries Made from Algae

Algae is largely considered a nuisance and a sign of environmental degradation; however, it is also offering climate change solutions.  First fuel, and now “paper-thin” batteries have been made  from algae. Researchers have found Cladophora created cellulose promising for developing “thin, flexible, lightweight, inexpensive, environmentally friendly batteries made entirely from nonmetal parts”.

December 1st

New Technology Milks Algae for Oil

A new cost-effective, high speed manufacturing process for extracting oil from algae, called ‘Live Extraction™’ has been developed by OriginOil. This breakthrough technology has the potential to provide an endless supply of cost-competitive and environment-friendly oil to displace petroleum, says the company. OriginOil’s Live Extraction™, or milking, achieves continuous production of algae oil without destroying […]

August 27th