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Strategies For Thinking About A Tiny House

Many people have been attracted to the increasingly popular idea of going small by either buying or building a tiny house. If you fit into this category, it is important to be as well-informed as possible about the tiny house trend, knowing what to look for in terms of sustainability, building materials, VOCs, efficiency, and […]

January 29th

3 Easy Ways To Make Your Computer More Energy Efficient

We live in the information age, where it seems that almost anything can be found by simply typing a few words into a Google search, but did you ever stop to think of how much that convenience might actually be costing you? The answer might surprise you. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) computers […]

October 14th

5 Energy Saving Tips To Beat The Heat

Everyone knows how uncomfortable it can be to be stuck in a hot car, classroom, or home in the middle of a heat wave…it’s pretty tough! Fortunately, beating the heat and providing yourself with a cool, comfortable environment doesn’t have to be synonymous with spending money and using lots of energy. Just try implementing some of these […]

October 9th

Going The Extra Green Mile For Eco-Friendly Driving

Have a gas guzzler? You could save thousands of dollars and large amounts of carbon emissions by having a more eco-friendly car. But you knew that, of course. But, did you know that how you drive is almost as important as what you drive? It’s true. So to help you save money the next time you […]

October 9th

5 Energy Saving Tips For Washing Your Dishes

Hot water is a triple whammy for your utility bills. First, it costs money to get the water (water bill). Second, it costs money to heat that water (electricity or gas bill). And last, it costs money to dispose of that water (sewer bill). All together, that’s a lot of potential savings with some small […]

September 28th

The Basics Of HVAC

When it comes to keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are great at doing just that. However, they can be costly to operate, especially if they aren’t maintained regularly. So to help you save money and get a better understanding of how […]

September 26th

6 Easy Ways to Green Your Laundry

One of the best ways you can save money, water and energy is to green your laundry, and it’s actually easier than you might think. By simply tweaking a few settings on your washer and dryer and switching to more energy friendly alternatives you can save thousands over the course of your lifetime. So to […]

September 23rd

The Importance of Buying Local

Thousands of miles are traveled each day by hundreds upon hundreds of semi-trucks filled with food and items going from west coast to east and back again. How our system works allows for this amount of action to fill a need that could be filled much more easily and without so much fossil fuel usage. […]

August 28th

Green Baby: Save time, money and the environment!

So you’re pregnant and now everyone is telling you that you need all this stuff. But, in my opinion, that’s all b.s. You actually don’t need anything except your body and the baby (a dad person is a good call too, if you have one around 😉 No need for diaper genies and crib frills. […]

August 26th

Tips for staying cool & having fun in a heat wave

I’m not sure what the temperature is where you are, but here in New Jersey we are experiencing a string of seriously steamy days that makes going out the door feel more like walking into a sauna. Everyone seems a little cranky and we are all getting weary from talk of the weather and idiotic posts on Facebook about popped corn and God cooking NJ (yes, I am guilty of sharing both of these, because they made me LOL at a weak moment and I just couldn’t help myself).

July 23rd

Natural Sore Throat Remedies

It’s pretty much inevitable that you’ll wind up with a sore throat at least once now that Winter is fast approaching. Rather than waste time and money on over-the-counter medicine (which really do nothing other than numb your throat,) why not try some good old fashioned, natural home remedies to stop the pain?

January 18th