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Adopt-a-Tree to Green your Life and your Business!

Adopt A Tree is passionate about developing environmental sustainability for future generations. They provide tree planting and marketing services to businesses that want to become greener, and individuals who want to dedicate trees to anything. Purchase trees for family, friend, lost ones, celebrations or just because you want to help the environment!

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Planting today for a better tomorrow!

Here’s their story:

“Adopt A Tree was founded by a group of students and recent graduates that are very passionate about the environment. We began planting trees on our land along the Assiniboine River during the Spring of 2012. An individual came to us asking if we could plant some of our trees in the name of his late father. His father had loved nature and being outdoors, so his son felt that it was a great way to honour him. We loved the idea and began offering this service locally. The response was great, so we decided to expand our business online.”

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The Adopt a Tree team, hanging out.

The primary goal of Adopt a Tree is to create more forests, to preserve the environment, and ultimately create a lovely, natural experience that is often difficult to find in a farming community on the prairies. Tree planting and managing will create and maintain recreational locations for people to camp, hike, mountain bike and enjoy the outdoors.

Planting a tree is a great way to celebrate a loved one, create a new type of holiday giving, or just because. But it’s also a great way for businesses to make their company carbon neutral. By planing trees, companies can offset their carbon emissions in an easy way. If you choose to make your business carbon neutral, Adopt a Tree will help you by providing:

  • A professional plaque and certificate recognizing your business contributions
  • Adopt A Tree website recognition
  • Calculations of offset carbon emissions
  • Annual Report
  • Onsite signage and pictures
  • Social Media promotion, including Facebook and Twitter recognition

Check out Adopt a Tree today and make a greener purchase for yourself or for your business.

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