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Published on November 25th, 2011 | by Lynn Fang

Buy Nothing Day

buy nothing day

Typically today, the Friday after Thanksgiving, is known as Black Friday, where shoppers stampede stores with steep discounts. Instead of supporting another day of shopping, how about a day that celebrates the exact opposite – buying nothing?

Buy Nothing Day has been going on for 20 years now, according to AdBusters, one of its heaviest promoters.

It’s not an official movement of any kind, but every year more and more people partake in buying nothing on Black Friday.

What’s the point?

One day of buying nothing certainly won’t change much, but its popularity points to a growing awareness of the shortfalls of a consumer lifestyle. Do we really need to be this addicted to buying stuff?

So much that we carry significant debt to support our expensive lifestyles?

Or that people die during consumer stampedes?

Boycott Black Friday this year. Instead, extend your gratitude for the gifts that money can’t buy. If you’re out of ideas, here’s a few to kickstart your creativity:

  • Get creative and make something
  • Upcycle something
  • Go outside for a hike or a day trip
  • Play board games
  • Volunteer
  • Play sports

Check for Buy Nothing Day Meetups and search for other group events like hikes and workshops.

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2 Responses to Buy Nothing Day

  1. TrailerChix says:

    Love this wonderful reminder.

    Wow 20 years! Yet it seems like we barely made a dent. Therefore, I’d like to suggest that rather than make this once a year, we make it once a week. If that’s to hard, try once a month.

    I have been excising this option for some time now and it’s given me great satisfaction….and more money in my own pocket!

  2. Kera says:

    I made a post regarding this on my blog.

    We supported the Occupy Movement in Seattle on Black Friday. I was caught on local news in an interview saying “It’s Buy Nothing Day”.

    We really do need to turn away from consumerism and move more towards a gift culture versus a cash economy.

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