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Published on November 23rd, 2011 | by Lynn Fang

Green Your Lawn with a Push Reel Lawn Mower

push reel mower

Tired of the noise made by your gas-driven lawn mower? Maybe you’d like to trim your lawn in peace and quiet, without toxic fumes spewing around in the air.

Consider a push reel mower. These aren’t your grandfather’s heavy, back-breaking kind. These new breeds are light and easy to use. They clip the grass and release it in a spray fashion, allowing the clippings to fall in random fashion on your lawn. You can install a grass catcher if you don’t like that, but leaving the clippings on your lawn releases nutrients back into the soil. It acts as a mulch, a free treatment of natural, organic fertilizer.

Since they don’t require gas or electricity to run, you’re reducing your carbon footprint dramatically.

10 benefits to push reel mowers

1. They always start. No engine or starter problems to worry about.

2. They’re simple. No need for gas, spark plugs or engine repairs.

3. They’re light, so they’re easier to push than most motorized mowers, which are heavy.

4. They’re good for the environment.

5. They’re quiet, so your baby won’t wake up every time you mow.

6. They do a better job. (Motorized mowers rip or tear at grass while reel mowers snip it with scissor-like precision.

7. They’re low maintenance, kind of the lawn mowing equivalent of a cheap date.

8. They’ll give you some exercise.

9. They’re easy to store because they take up much less room than a seated mower and are more compact than motorized push mowers.

10. They don’t pollute so you don’t have to breathe in carbon monoxide and other toxic fumes while mowing.

List from Push Mowers 101.

Consider buying one for your family this holiday season.

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7 Responses to Green Your Lawn with a Push Reel Lawn Mower

  1. Hey, Great post. I am quite passionate about renewable energy and reducing our emissions and often post on my own blog, discussing how to reduce emission but this never crossed my mind.

    It is a great, simple way to reduce our emissions, easier and like you say – It always starts!

    This is especially great for small lawns, why drag out the lawn mower?

    Thanks for this, Great Read,

  2. TRACY BARNES says:

    Thanks LYNN !! …. this is valuable info for the Lawn Mower. i really liked this blog. all info are really nice and this mower looking so nice.

  3. MARSHA BYRD says:

    I appreciate the tips. really fantastic post. i like this blog and its just amazing !!!! keep it up!!!

  4. Christi says:

    I hadn’t realized that they still produced the old reel mower type of lawn mower. Thank you for this information. I’m not sure if it is practical for the majority of our yard since we enjoy a 2 acre lot. However, the section where our patio and all my gardens are being put in would be a good use of this type of mower. Do you have any idea how much they cost or the name of the manufacturer?

  5. Really amazing post and nice information about renewable energy.

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