Published on October 26th, 2011 | by Lynn Fang

5 Biodynamic Wines To Celebrate With

Why Biodynamic?

Demeter Biodynamic

Biodynamic goes beyond organic, viewing the entire vineyard as a self-sustaining, living system. All life – microbes, insects, plants, weeds – have a role to play in growing delicious grapes. The method was originally developed by the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in the early 1900s. Biodynamic winemakers likely make and use their own compost, and often mix in celestial and spiritual practices to inform their farming methods.

This fall, cozy up to a glass of biodynamic wine and feel your spirit soar knowing the holistic intimacy imbued in this drink.

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One Response to 5 Biodynamic Wines To Celebrate With

  1. Jac says:

    Spiritual feng shuis and the like ridicule and devalue the work of serious scientists, and winemaking and grapegrowing, last time I checked, were sciences. When science shows me that burying a ram’s horn in the vineyard makes a better wine or a healthier vine, then I may change my mind, but until then, I will continue believing that this biodynamic stuff is just smoke and mirrors.

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