How To Make Your Own Reusable Cleaning Wipes

There was a time when parents used a wet washcloth to clean their baby’s behind instead of disposable baby wipes. Once we were addicted to the simplicities of disposable wipes the cleaning companies introduced another “drug”: the cleaning wipe. Instead of having to spray cleanser and then wipe we could just pull a wipe laden with cleanser out of the plastic container and clean, and throw it away. Drop the disposable cleaning wipe and step away from that plastic container so you can learn how to make your own reusable cleaning wipes.

cloth napkins

Cloth napkins can also become cleansing cloths

Make the Cloth Wipes

Choose an old shirt, towel or any other linen for making your cloths. Cut your chosen fabric into 8-inch by 8-inch squares or larger depending on preference. Remember that most cloths need only be slightly larger than your hand. You will need two sides for 2-ply cloths. Simply place the sides together and sew along the edge leaving a one-inch space to pull the fabric right side out. Complete by sewing the opening. Cloths can also be made by cutting material which will not ravel into squares with unsewn edges. If you use cloth napkins, good for you, you can use tattered retiree napkins for cleaning cloths.

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  • I just reuse my old dish towels and bath towels and call them rags. No binding necessary.

    • Towels are great too. Plush and soft!

  • Tom

    A) Firmly grasp a used T-shirt. B) Cut T-shirt along sides, so that you end up with two halves. C) Optional: cut off sleeves.
    Works fine and is lint free.
    Caution: May lead to depletion of lucky, running and other event Ts. Please act responsibly.

    • We love using old T’s in my house. Soft and lint-free and they dry really fast! Great as any cleaning cloths.

  • Mackenzie

    Old socks make great dusting mitts.

  • Athena P.

    @Tom LOL

    I think I’d use old towels and T-shirts. They are absorbent and can be used over and over. But I’m not doing like Lifehacker did and using olive oil on my cleaning cloths. Olive oil plus electronics = disaster.