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Published on June 2nd, 2010 | by Scott James

5 Ways to Green Your Wedding

Summer is here, and that means the beginning of two seasons- barbecue and wedding season. Both my roommate and I spent a few hours this weekend booking flights for weddings all around the country, and it got me thinking about how much energy, both from planning and resources, goes into a wedding. So I went looking for ways to make a wedding more eco-friendly- so here are…

Photo Credit: ididjeridoo From candles to cake, there are many ways to make your wedding a little greener.

From candles to cake, there are many ways to make your wedding a little greener.

5 Ways to Green Your Wedding Day

1. Invitations

The invitation is your first impression to all of your guests, so if you’re going for a green wedding, why not ask them in an eco-friendly way. There are plenty of alternative paper options, from recycled content to hemp card, or forgo the physical cards completely and use e-invitiations. To find out more about your options for green wedding invitations, visit the Great Green Weddings website.

2. Wedding Favors

Wedding favors represent what your guests take home to remember the event by, so they are also a great way to plant a green message in memory of your day. Two popular ideas are to give out seedling trees as wedding favors, or even add seeds themselves to the name/place cards. Visit Favor Ideas to start your brainstorm.

3. Catering

This may be one of the most visible ways to make your wedding green- everyone talks about the food at a wedding. Making simple choices like using biodegradable utensils, cups and plates if you’re holding your reception outside, and carefully choosing organic and local food for the cuisine can go a long way when you’re feeding a hundred or more people. If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area like me, start with Organic Catering.

4. Clothes

This one will take a little more work, planning and money, but dressing the wedding party in eco-friendly clothing is a great way to make a statement that sticks. The Organic Clothing blog has a great introduction to examples of high quality green fashion options for weddings.

5. Honeymoons

Once the wedding is over it’s time for the honeymoon. Whether in the U.S. or internationally, there is an ever-expanding eco-tourism industry that will get you somewhere away from the crowd and friendly to the Earth so you can celebrate the green way. Giam has a great list of destinations to get your green wheels turning.

If you’ve been to a green wedding or will be going this summer, please add your ideas or experiences in the comments.

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7 Responses to 5 Ways to Green Your Wedding

  1. Kelly Delaney says:

    4.) Clothes: I also donate bridesmaid dresses to charities like the Glass Slipper Project (in Chicago) or other organizations that give once-used bridesmaids dresses to low-income high school students for prom.

  2. Fleur Kaiser says:

    for wedding favors: use shot glasses wih candles in them that are completely ‘green’, from the packaging to the soy ink on the glasses and the candles inside.

  3. Sheila says:

    Potted plants, which can also be used in place as centerpieces in place of cut flowers, make great favors too.

  4. Have your cake and eat it kind of a dillema. What should today’s brides do? Have a greatwedding or save for a house? I would take the second any day

  5. Whether is an french or italian wedding, we always pay attention to all details

  6. Why the need for an event planner? Well, it just makes sense and at the end of the day it saves a tremendous amount of casg as well.

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