Eco-friendly Light Fixtures

When you’re in the market for eco-friendly lighting, keep in mind that bulbs and electricity sources are only 2/3rds of the picture—light fixtures also come in various shades of green . . .

Whether you’re looking for lampshades, decorative glass covers, or lanterns, all light fixtures have an eco factor to consider.  Here are some of the greenest options:

Copper Light Fixtures. Copper is long lasting, incredibly durable, and 100% recyclable, so you can rest easy knowing that your indoor/outdoor copper fixtures never need find long repose in a landfill.

Recycled Glass and Aluminum Fixtures. The benefits are clear . . . beautiful and sophisticated designs made from reused materials shine out big energy savings for the planet.  Some companies collect worn-out glass stoplight covers and turn them into aesthetic adornments for home decor.

Other great material options include: metal, aluminum, steel, sustainably harvested wood, and post-industrial waste products.

Check out GREENCulture Lighting for a taste of the options available.  Their featured fixtures are made from recycled, eco-friendly materials and are designed to be compatible with various energy-saving bulbs.

For lampshades, search for linen, decorated prints on recycled cardboard, and felt.  In this department, sustainable designs are looking sweet indeed—literally!  Arteo designGroup, based in Germany, is showcasing the sturdy and super biodegradable SugarCubeLight, which contains a shade made from sugar and resin that emits a warm candle-like glow.

Here a few questions to keep in mind as you search for the right eco light fixture:

  • Is it durable and long lasting?
  • Is it made from recycled/recyclable materials?
  • Will it compliment the space I have in mind (is it best suited for outdoor or indoor use), and can I possibly reuse it in different spaces?

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  • LED bulbs for household use have already been around for some time, but their success has been limited. The main obstacles have been that they cost more than incandescent lightbulbs.
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  • I like seeing someone mention the creativity that can be used for LED light bulb fixtures. Because they are smaller and solid-state you really can do a lot. I have seen applications from simple fixtures to video wall tiles that can actually play movies. Very cool.
    I don’t know why everyone hasn’t switched to LEDs sooner. Longer lasting, use less energy, and actually save money in the long run.
    For the video LED tiles check out


  • Incandescent lamps have the limited color range: 2700K – +/-3000K. Fluorescent lamps offer more choices: 2700K (“warm”, “soft”, close to incandescent effect) – 6500K (“cool”, bluish, close to daylight color.) Flickering is usually an effect of inappropriate ballast, not inherent feature of lamp. Don’t forget also about the heat generated by incandescent lamps which has to be offset during the summer by additional A/C unless you live in Alaska… To Nils: “Natural Daylight” is “cool” and “bluish” – buy “warm”.
    Eco friendly Lights

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