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Published on October 14th, 2007 | by Stephanie Evans

Herbal Tea Remedies: An Enjoyable Way to Stay Healthy

A great cup of tea is one of the small comforts that can help us slow down in a fast paced world, and many herbal teas have been used as inexpensive remedies for years.  Let’s sample some:

    Chamomile tea is great for insomnia and nervous conditions, and it tastes great, too!
    Sassafras tea was often used as a spring tonic to thin the blood and to stimulate sluggish circulation.
    Ginger tea is a great stomachache remedy and can be used to bring on delayed menses.
    Green tea has become widely popular and has been shown to have some benefits in weight loss as well as overall health.
    Drinking rosemary tea is said to improve the memory and enhance mental abilities.

Tea contains health-giving antioxidants that can help reverse the ravages of aging and exposure to our harsh, daily environment.  Drinking a cup of tea also helps promote green living by helping us to slow down and smell the roses!


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  1. Guest says:

    Jiaogulan, which grows wild throughout Asia, has been brewed for a beverage and used as medicine in the southeastern provinces of China for centuries. Literary reference to the herb dates back to the Ming Dynasty (1368 A.D. to 1644 A.D). In China it is praised as
    “herb of immortality” or as “Miracle Herb” due to its many health-giving qualities and anti-aging effects.

    In the 1970’s the Chinese government sponsored a study focused on the large number of people living to over 100 years old in certain provinces in Southern China. They discovered the centenarians drank Jiaogulan tea for it’s beneficial effects of vitality and longevity.

    Jiaogulan enhances endurance, lowers cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar, inhibits tumors and helps protect the cellular immunity as well as providing many other health benefits.

    Researchers have found that jiaogulan contains active saponins (gypenosides) that boost cardiac output, increasing blood supply and nourishment to body organs. These gypenosides also maintain blood pressure within a normal range.

    Jiaogulan is used as one of the 11 herbal extracts in the Chinese diabetic formula Combetic that helps normalize blood sugar levels.

    In other words, getting all of these benefits by taking or drinking Jiaogulan tea might eliminate the need for taking an array of other supplements. Look out, echinacea and ginkgo: with such a range of potential health benefits, jiaogulan is poised to be the next big thing.

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