All you need to know about Copper Recycling

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Copper has many amazing properties, but one of the most important is that it doesn’t degrade after multiple rounds of recycling.  Recycling scrap copper can reduce the energy input and amount of emissions as compared to when metal is extracted from its ore. This way, recycling helps in conservation of our natural resources. Copper is […] read more

4 Simple Ways To Go Green For Back To School

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Students, parents of students, and anyone who was ever either or both of these can relate: Back-to-school season is a time for new beginnings, and this too often means new “stuff.” Now is a prime time to reevaluate your habits, schedule, and routine as they relate to your mission to live your best life with minimal impact on the environment. read more

3D Printing’s Impact on Sustainability: Konrad Malik, Industry Insiders Comment

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3D printing – what is it, who’s getting in on it, and what does it mean for consumers? You may have heard about this modern printing technology, which is impacting everything from the military to health care to the fidget spinner craze. But do you really know what it’s all about? 3D printing is the […] read more

Department of Hawaiian Homelands Energy Efficiency Project Kicks off

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The Department of Hawaiian Homelands (DHHL) owns land across the Hawaiian islands that it leases out on 99-year leases to residents of Hawaiian ancestry, and local company Pono Home has been contracted to deliver energy efficiency to these homes, bringing energy and money savings to residents. read more