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Simple Cures for Snoring

Snoring is a more common than you might expect! And as statistics show, it’s actually not very healthy– not to mention being incredibly annoying. So what exactly causes this annoying practice? The Mayo Clinic explains that snoring is caused when air passages vibrate as air passes through them, especially when they are blocked or narrowed […]

August 28th

9 Tips for Having a Fun, Healthy & Green Road Trip

A lot of people get in their cars and head to the beach, to visit friends and family, go on vacation or sometimes just to take a day trip to a special event. We hope you are getting into the greenest car possible, but no matter what kind of car you drive, we have some great ideas for making it a fun, healthier and of course green road trip.

August 13th

Shiply: Providing Europe Cheaper, More Eco-Efficient Delivery

Shiply has provided Europe with a greener shipping option since 2008. According to their site Shiply, “Matches you with rated delivery firms going there anyway.” They offer a simple system for getting your product from point A to point B through delivery options which were planning the travel with or without your item. There’s no additional carbon footprint, instead it reduces the footprint by decreasing the need for separate delivery travel. Shiply provides a great model for cheaper and more eco-efficient delivery.

Electric Cars: Real v. Compliance {video}

You’re probably aware that there are a lot of new electric cars coming out. Thanks to California zero-emissions regulations, which have been adopted by several states in the northeast as well as the northwest, many car manufacturers have incentive to create new zero-emission electric cars. Good right? Well . . .

May 21st

Washdrops: an Eco-Sound Car Washing Solution

When washing your car, boat, truck, airplane, RV, or even a backyard deck, would you rather: Use approximately 100 gallons of water, leaving a residue of sudsy oil, dirt, detergent and other contaminants that run down your driveway into a storm drain? Or drop three capfuls (one ounce) of WASHDROPS™, an environmentally responsible, non-abrasive, non-foaming solution, into a gallon of water.

April 21st

Is Solar Power Possible in Cold Climates?

Rising utilities are leaving many homeowners wondering just how high their energy bills will get in the coming years. With solar power becoming more affordable, many are looking to the sun for energy. While it may seem logical that only sunny states can benefit from this natural resource, it’s actually a good choice regardless of […]

April 12th

7 Easy Ways Your Small Business Can Go Green

This sponsored post is from sba.com, an independently owned and operated website with no government affiliation. In the “2011 Sustainability & Innovation Global Executive Study and Research Project,” MIT found that 70 percent of corporations practice sustainability. Green business practices produce valuable benefits including saving money, reduced risk to the local and global environments, enhanced […]

April 3rd