Green Consumerism

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Did you Know… Environmental Impact of Video Games!

Many of us think about the environmental impact of the food we eat or the cars we drive. But how often do we think of the environmental impact of our entertainment? This great little infographic details the impact that video game purchases have on our environment. Not only can we decrease our footprint by recycling […]

April 12th

Where does that Earl Grey tea come from?

Tea is one of those commodities that should be subject to Fair Trade standards and in my humble opinion should be organic and non-GMO as well — for the enjoyment and health of the tea drinker as well as those who work on the farms, which are often in faraway places where the potential for unsafe and unfair practices has been common.

April 8th

Can You be Plastic-Free?

A couple of years ago, Rodale asked me to participate in their Plastic-Free February challenge. Without hesitating, I said yes, thinking I was already using my reusable shopping bags and storing food in glass and other non-plastic containers whenever possible. I was no fan of plastic. This should be easy and kind of fun, right?

April 1st

Learning Sustainability Through Play: GBO Hawaii

One of the best ways to learn a new skill is through play- as we’re having fun, we don’t realize that we are learning! If you are looking to learn more (or teach more) about sustainability, there is no better way than sharing the super fun game of GBO Hawaii. Created by Scott Cooney, an […]

February 18th

caffeinated foods: yes or no?

There are many debates about whether caffeine is healthy for our bodies: some say it’s going to help with depression, help keep us from gaining excess weight, that it might even keep death at bay! But most research is centered around the naturally occurring caffeine in coffee, tea, or chocolate. But what happens when caffeine […]

January 17th

Reasons to shop small this holiday season, and always!

There are so many reasons to shop small- that is, supporting small, local businesses instead of national retailers and big-box stores. ‘Shopping Small‘ is especially important during the holiday season, when most stores generate a good percentage of their income. Shopping small means that you are supporting your community and keeping money in the local […]

December 17th

7 Ways to Become a Water Conservation Hero

Our Green Dude Segment was with Green Dude Antonio, who is a water purification expert with Pur2o. I’m always surprised by how much I actually don’t know and probably don’t want to know! Anyway, that segment inspired this post about water – how we can conserve it, clean it and use it wisely.

December 3rd

Green Divas & Dudes Prefer Organic Food

This green diva has to weigh in on all the buzz and banter about the latest study from Stanford about the lack of nutritional benefit from eating organic food. There is a lot of evidence that I wasn’t the only one irritated and quite surprised to see how this study was spun into a pro-chemical pesticide and fertilizer piece.

September 17th

Another Meatless Monday (video)

I was scheduled to be on a TV morning show called Ebru Today Monday morning the week of the meatless media poo-storm (ironic it was a Monday, never thought of that). I picked my topic a couple of weeks prior and planned to talk about the importance of understanding how our food impacts the environment.

August 6th

Vegan Wannabe: Kicking the Cheese Habit

Over the years, I’ve wandered in and out of various states of vegan and vegetarian and even had a few years as an omnivore (but only ate very carefully chosen responsibly raised meats). My downfall has always been cheese. Do they have a 12-step program for cheese – just cheese? I need it.

April 30th