Green Consumerism

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How Your Fridge And Freezer Work

Knowing how your fridge and freezer work is a great place to start when it comes to making them more energy efficient. After all, fridges and freezers account for roughly 6% of the average monthly electric bill. So to help you get a head start on saving both money and energy, we’ve come up with […]

September 12th

Being an Eco Conscious Consumer

As much as we all wish to avoid rampant consumerism, we are in fact consumers and must engage in that behavior to meet our needs. Being a consumer does not mean we need to have blatant disregard for the environment and world we live in however. By being an informed consumer that is willing to […]

July 28th

8 Chemicals To Avoid While Doing The Dishes

Let’s face it, doing the dishes is a part of daily life and while that may be the case, exposure to some very common and toxic chemicals shouldn’t be. When was the last time you looked at the ingredients in your dish detergent? Can you not only pronounce, but understand what each one of them […]

July 23rd

Enjoy an Eco-Friendly Christmas

Christmas time is once again upon us, and with the holiday season comes the massive amounts of waste caused by consumerism. Every year tons of wrapping paper, gift bags and greeting cards go to waste- not to mention the billions of plastic packaging that winds up in landfills once a gift has been opened. In this article we will discuss ways to lessen the damaging impact you’ll have on the planet this holiday season.

December 5th

Hello Flow– Green your Period

Have you ever considered the environmental impact of the tampons and pads we use each month? Are you looking for ways to green your period? Recently, I’ve been considering my options for dealing with my monthly period. When I am debating the purchase of items, I always consider two things: 1. the footprint of the […]

November 15th

Cascadian Farm goes Greener!

Good news from Cascadian Farm! One of our favorite organic companies has gone even greener with the introduction of the first-ever cereal box liner made from renewable plant sources. Cascadian, which makes almost 100 great organic products, including frozen fruits, juices, cereals, jams and more, has been doing so since 1972. They’ve grown beyond their […]

September 11th

Eleven Ways to Reduce Paper Waste

Sure, you have read all about paper conservation… but how many pointers have you adopted in your home or office? There are so many EASY ways to reduce paper waste, and we hope to inspire you with our list of 11 ways to reduce paper waste. Let’s make this a non-issue! What’s your favorite paper-saving […]

August 12th

Companies we Love: Jade Yoga

Jade Yoga Mats advertise themselves as the “simply the planet’s best eco-friendly yoga mat.” A tall order to be sure, but one that Jade proves to be true again and again. Green Living Ideas was recently send a Jade mat to review, and it’s my favorite mat for my yoga practice. For many years I […]

July 17th

Potty Talk: Is Toilet Paper Toxic?

Anyone else feel that at every turn we learn about more things that are going to kill us? The berries from Costco are contaminated, indoor air is polluted, and now we have to wonder if toilet paper is toxic. A few stories prompted me to look into this issue, and I was actually pretty confused […]

June 10th

Green Product Review Roundup Spring 2013

We get offered products to review EVERY day — some rather large and expensive things like cars, which are fun reviews, but most are practical, every-day things. We have gotten backed up with a nice bounty of great things we chose to review and play with, and finally spent some time focusing on most of them.

April 29th

50 Easy Ways to Keep Earth Day Going All Year

I listed 25 ways to celebrate earth day without buying anything, knowing there were thousands, and I was so impressed with some of the suggestions, I thought I would incorporate them into this updated post and give my Care2 peeps a little credit. Really, these are things we should find ways to incorporate into our every-day lives, so . . .

April 23rd