Eco Home Living

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Eco-friendly Tax Preparation

Anyone who receives mail knows what it’s like to have stacks of paper sitting on the kitchen table awaiting a trip to the recycling bin.  Eco-conscious individuals may experience a great deal of frustration, since there often seems to be little they can do to stop the waste flow. Take control over paper consumption by […]

April 9th

Honoring Earth Hour

Earth Hour, initiated by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Sydney, Australia in 2007, was designed as a statement to raise awareness about energy efficiency and the impact of human-generated carbon emissions. Over the past year, Earth Hour has evolved into a global crusade, with strong support and equally as strong opposition. Let’s take a […]

March 29th

Cohousing Cultivates Low-Impact Communities

Imagine coming home from work in your carpool Friday night to your small community.  Although it is dusk, your children are still out playing with their friends on the neighborhood greenspace playground. The green is surrounded by passive-solar homes, each of whose owners you know intimately well.  Several retired neighbors are keeping an eye on […]

February 26th

Earth-friendly Yarns for Eco-conscious Knitting

Most knitters know few pleasures greater than working with yarn and needles in hand. Yarn’s beautiful colors and unique texture keep the eye interested, and the repetitive hand motions and soft clicking of needles make for a soothing activity. Unfortunately, as with most things, there is more to this creatively pleasurable process than meets the […]

February 20th

ABC Your Way to a Healthier Home

Taking care of the indoor spaces we inhabit is just as crucial as caring for the great outdoor spaces we all share.  Outdoor toxins can exist in even more concentrated amounts indoors, creating hidden health hazards at every turn.  We track in various residues on our shoes.  We invite offgassing materials into our homes and then polish them […]

January 12th

5 Simple Ways to Stop Junk Mail

Interested in reducing the influx of junk mail you receive every day?  Start off a fresh New Year by reducing the junk mail waste stream flowing into your home.  The average American household receives unsolicited junk mail in the equivalent of 1.5 trees every year, and 44% of that is thrown away unopened! If you […]

January 3rd

The Importance of Low Impact Living

Does this conversation sound familiar: You’ve asked the kids to turn off the lights when they leave the room, only to have them inform you that leaving one measly light bulb burning all day won’t destroy the earth?  It can be hard to convince people that low impact living changes the world, especially when they […]

November 12th

Eco Options for Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can provide homeowners with sufficient light at night to walk about safely, discourage crime, and add an aesthetic to the night landscape—without being a big energy drain.  Safe, energy efficient, low-voltage outdoor lighting systems are readily available in variety sufficient for almost all applications, including deck lighting, garden walkways, and floodlights.  Like all […]

October 30th

Simple Tips for a Greener Household

Maybe you’re not ready to cover your house in solar panels or spend a majority of your free time gardening.  Here are some simple things you can do to reduce your carbon-trailing energy footprint:  Use reusable bags for groceries and other shopping. Use reusable boxes and bags for gifts instead of wrapping paper. If you […]

October 22nd

Eco Friendly Living and Global Warming Issues

Most scientists and ordinary people now agree that global warming is a serious issue.  Here are a few simple ways to help you do your part to protect the ozone layer: Use fans instead of window air conditioner units as much as possible in your home. Buy energy-efficient vehicles and keep them well maintained to reduce […]

October 22nd

Using Green Living Products

In many cases, it’s possible to have a clean and healthy house without using toxic or petroleum-based products. Your local health food store may stock healthy cleaning products from companies like 7th Generation or Howard’s Naturals. Also try out these green living tips for a clean space: Flea Repellant: To keep fleas at bay, set […]

October 22nd

Green and Sustainable Living

Reconciling good intentions with action isn’t always easy, yet people all over the world are managing the task just fine.  Five years ago, the term “carbon footprint” might have been used to describe a scrapbooking technique, not the responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  At one time, ‘going green’ was something radical—a movement reserved for […]

October 21st

Greening Your Yoga Practice

While some may look at yoga as a trendy activity, yoga is actually an ancient practice developed before the advent of spa-like studios, stylish yoga wear, and high-tech sticky mats. As the increased popularity of the practice in recent years has seen a rise in commercial goods and yoga-related travel, organizations such as the Green […]

October 21st