Climate Change

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Meat Free Mondays: Paul McCartney’s Global Warming Campaign

Sir Paul McCartney and his late wife Linda have long been famous vegetarians, including writing several vegetarian cookbooks. Now the Beatle is promoting Meatless Mondays as a way to educate and promote family activism. The idea is simple: Go meat-free one day a week. This campaign follows on the announcement by the United Nations last […]

June 19th

The Cap and Trade Market for Emissions

In a world where an ever-increasing concern for the health of our world can no longer be ignored, emission reductions have been targeted as one of the most viable solutions to alleviate the strain on the environment. Harmful byproducts of industry such as greenhouse gases are affecting individuals, communities, and the entire planet.  One of […]

June 19th

Evaluating an Emissions Trading Scheme

Like any other system that is designed to improve conditions, optimize efficiency, or conserve resources, the cap and trade market for emissions—also known as an emissions trading scheme (ETS)—presents positives and negatives for consideration… Advantages of a Cap and Trade System There are many advantages to dealing with emissions by using the cap and trade […]

June 18th