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How to Unclog a Drain Using a Sink Plunger

It’s never convenient, and its happened to just about everyone you know. A clogged drain. Conventional wisdom would say reach for the drain-o. But the problem is that products such as drain-o contain many harmful chemicals than can contaminate local ground water and aquifers. Instead, try using a drain plunger. Not only will you avoid […]

May 15th

Adding Aluminum Foil to Your Stove’s Reflector Drip Pans

Looking for a simple way to make your home more energy efficient? Adding aluminum foil to your stove’s grimy/eroded reflector drip pans is a great way to do just that. It’s easy to do and costs almost nothing. When the surface of your stove’s drip pans become grimy or eroded they don’t absorb and reflect […]

May 13th

Checking for Phantom Loads Using a Watt-Meter

Eliminating phantom loads (vampire power) from your home is a great way to save money on your monthly utilities. What’s a phantom load? A phantom load is the amount of energy your electronic devices will use when they’re plugged in, but not turned on. That’s right, many electronic devices (especially older ones) will actively draw a small […]

May 6th