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Food Not Lawns Wants to Replant Your Yard

My mother kept a garden in my childhood backyard and considered it a point of pride. This summer my housemates and I kept a garden in the backyard and considered it a joy to contribute radishes to the local free farm stand- but I didn’t think of my mother’s or my own garden as a […]

October 27th

iQ Cleaning Supplies: The Smarter Clean

When you want to be eco-friendly in your household chores, every little bit helps. Many manufacturers are working to reduce packaging for their products, and iQ cleaning supplies has a simple and innovative approach to reducing packaging and transportation costs, while providing an eco-friendly cleaning product. They sell small cartridges of plant-based concentrate, and all […]

August 3rd

Growing the Home Farming Movement with Triscuit

I’ve always been a fan of Triscuits, both because they taste good and because they’re actually healthy. It’s great that Kraft puts out a cracker with an ingredient list you can understand: Whole wheat, Soybean and/or Palm Oil, Salt. (Of course, you get into the flavored ones and it’s a whole different story). Now I […]

July 28th

Sweet Travel Company Takes Pride In Giving Back on Vacation

This weekend, LGBT communities and their allies across the country will gather to celebrate Pride with parades, parties and commemorations. With roots in New York’ City’s Stonewall Riots and the first Pride parades of 1970, Gay Pride celebrations have come to symbolize pride in sexual orientation and gender identity on a weekend of events recognized […]

June 25th

The UN Urges a Vegan World

What will the projected 9.1 billion people on Earth by 2050 eat? Are animal products a generation or two away from a stigma like smoking cigarettes? Last year Lord Nicolas Stern, a former adviser to the British government on the economics of climate change, said the world would be better off if we all ate […]

June 9th

5 Ways to Green Your Wedding

Summer is here, and that means the beginning of two seasons- barbecue and wedding season. Both my roommate and I spent a few hours this weekend booking flights for weddings all around the country, and it got me thinking about how much energy, both from planning and resources, goes into a wedding. So I went […]

June 2nd

New EPA Rules for Greenhouse Gases

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released final versions of their new rules for regulating greenhouse gas emissions from what they call “stationary sources,” which includes power plants, refineries and factories. The rules apply the Clean Air Act permit requirements to include six greenhouse gases: carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, hydro fluorocarbons, per-fluorocarbons and […]

May 24th

That’s A Lot of Poop

This fall the Liaoning Huishan Cow Farm in northeast China will open the largest manure power project in the world. The poop from 250,000 cows will be processed in four General Electric Co. biogas turbines. The plant will annually supply 38,000 megawatt-hours and is projected to supply 15,000 residents with power. But the process addresses […]

May 14th

Smarter Buildings Survey Highlights the Knowledge to Practice Gap

IBM released a Smarter Buildings Survey and whitepaper this week that surveyed 6,486 office workers in 16 U.S. cities about how “green” and environmentally friendly workers believe their offices are. The survey questions covered building automation, security, elevator reliability and conservation practices. The vast majority of those who took part in the online survey are […]

May 10th

50 Low-Carbon Villages in Taiwan

This week Taiwan announced their intention to create 50 “low-carbon villages” by the end of 2011. According to Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Agency (TEPA), the plan is to recruit two or more village-level districts in each city or county each village to cut emissions using a range of tactics, from limiting car or scooter trips and […]

April 26th

Green Power: How Much Energy Are You Using?

We all use power- but how much are we really aware of how much? And how often do we leave lights and appliances on without realizing it? Two new projects aim to raise that awareness through visual cues that not only track energy usage, but alert us when we’ve been using power sources for extended […]

April 20th

Make More By Using Less: The Profits of Conservation

In Brazil’s growing soy market, environmentalists are shifting their messaging to farmers from saving the environment to increasing their bottom line, reflecting a larger change in the way the connection between the market and the environment is viewed around the world. Brazil’s annual national soy harvest is estimated at 66 million tons, making it the […]

April 13th