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Take an Active Vacation this Year

As summer winds down, it is not too early to start thinking about your next vacation. If being active is important to you there are plenty of great destinations around the world to choose from and Fall is a great time to travel as the summer crowds disappear. Whether it’s an adrenalin pumping adventure that […]

September 8th

Fresh Lobster for Dinner?

You might cherish the idea of a later summer clambake replete with fresh herbs of the season but as the oceans around our country become  polluted, it is becoming increasingly difficult to figure out where to get quality seafood.

September 5th

Depressed? Get Some Fresh Air

Is the recession getting you down?  Are you in a tizzy over job losses? Finances? Family?  Maybe it’s all of the above. If you are like most people, then you might be tempted to stop living your own life and turn on the TV to live vicariously through the adventures of others.

August 22nd

Keep Your Kids Healthy

As health technology advances, parents continue to look for the latest medical breakthroughs to keep their children healthy. But when it comes to child health, the simplest age-old tips have consistently had the greatest impact. Here are a few simple tips on keeping your children healthy.

August 18th

Tips for Going Green at School

Going green has become an important priority for schools all over the country. While teachers and administrators are doing plenty to instill green values into school curricula and infrastructure, the best place to teach kids what to do at school, is…well at home! Consider these tips for helping kids to take a few steps forward […]

August 13th

Is Perspiration Your Inspiration?

Feeling stuck in the yuck today? Maybe it’s time to let perspiration become your inspiration. There are a variety of ways in which your body naturally detoxifies. ‘Sweating them out’ is probably the most common; it is your body’s way of naturally preventing the buildup of toxins that over time lead to poor health.

July 27th

Sustainable Fish Choices for an Overfished Planet

People everywhere are always concerned about mercury levels in fish. What’s safe vs. what’s not safe. The landscape…or should we say seascape… of clean and safe fish, has changed vastly over the last decade and shows signs of further change as we continue to commercialize the production of seafood. Until relatively recently, wild-caught fish was […]

July 26th