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Container Depth for Growing Herbs Indoors

Growing herbs indoors in pots is a wonderful way to continue the fresh flavors and nutritional benefits of fresh food into winter. If these plants are being grown on a patio or balcony, there are some things to consider before beginning our container herb garden. How much sun do you have and at what times […]

January 7th

Organic Pest Control: How to Treat Scale Infestion

What is scale and how do you know if your plants have it? What organic pest control methods are available? On first sight the plant looks like it has some sort of fungus, a scaly looking substance, with maybe some black sooty look on plant leaves. When you look more closely or rubbing your fingernail […]

December 17th

Solutions for Ant Problems

Editors Note: Many thanks to Jami, who wrote this post in response to an ant problem that is plaguing each and every one of my plants on my lanai (balcony) in Honolulu. There is so much good information here- I hope you find it as useful as I did! aloha, ADB You were sad that […]

December 10th

How to Create a School Garden

An epiphany dawns, warming you to your fingertips while a smile plays at the corner of your lips. Your face begins to glow and a diamond-like sparkle comes into your eyes. Invariably, whether you vocalize it or not, comes the word “Yes!”  This was my experience with my decision to create a school garden. A […]

December 3rd

Five Beautiful Edible Plants in Purple

For the uninitiated, a garden is a garden, except when it isn’t. For many, a garden falls into two camps: vegetables or flowers. The challenge comes when those plants that are considered flowers are edible… or if edible plants are to be used for aesthetic reasons. A skirmish need not occur. But confrontation does happen […]

November 26th

Community Garden Plots: Make the Most of Limited Space

Tomato dreams and hot pepper fantasies unite apartment dwellers and homeowners in community gardens. Some gardeners are strictly production focused, while others look forward to human-to-human interactions that humanize our increasingly computerized lives. Yet no matter who you are or what you are growing, everyone has the same options for plot size in community gardens. […]

November 12th

Fall Garden: How to Plant Garlic

It’s the middle of fall foliage time here in the Midwest, when harvests of apples, persimmons and pumpkins hits an all time high. Spiced cider delights the tongue and most of the fall planting has long since been finished– but not all! For the ambitious gardeners out there, there is still time to get some […]

November 5th

20 Edible Companion Plants for Black Walnuts

Let me introduce you to the glorious and hated Black Walnut. During the fall black walnuts start dropping from the trees; it’s a time of year when some of us think of wearing hard hats when walking around! These beautiful trees create large green balls that are as hard as rocks and a famous for […]

October 24th

5 Steps to a Climate Friendly Garden

Gardening has become vogue for many newbie gardeners. Although the glory of helping life grow or for a desire to become closer to natures processes, climate change has thrown some curveballs into the game. This makes learning to garden a bit more challenging. The Union of Concerned Scientists have been warning about climate change and […]

October 15th

5 Reasons for City Chickens

Poultry in urban areas is growing in popularity for a variety of reasons. The keeping and caring of chickens allows us to individually, and collectively, provide for our own food and, in some cases, pets and entertainment. Here are five reasons why keeping chickens is a good idea: Eggs. A protein source produced right on […]

October 1st

Tips for Planting Fruit Trees

You’ve spent hours measuring, sketching dreaming of safe fresh food from your own garden. You’ve even determined what vegetable plants you want to grow, such as garlic, and not grow, such as artichokes. Yet it has come to the point in the plan where you see those squiggly round circles that designate fruit trees when […]

September 24th

Planning a Perfect Kitchen Garden

Today we have another post from Jami Scholl: Jami is a permaculture/wellness expert, and has experience in the areas where food, health and politics meet. She is an all-around creative, hiker, and a mom gifted with the superpower to to create beautiful solutions. Follow her on Twitter @jamischoll, on Facebook,, and on GoodVeg’s A Subversive Plot. […]

September 17th

Introduction to Permaculture, part 2

Just a few weeks ago, we did an Introduction to Permaculture looking at some of the basics of this holistic growing practice. Today we have more to add to our introduction to permaculture, and we’ll discuss zones and sectors. For those interested in permaculture design, this is a good place to begin learning. {Want to […]

September 10th