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Maintenance Tips: Tool Guide To Change A Cache Aerator

If you’ve ever had to change a cache aerator, you’ve already learned the hard way that not all aerators are identical. About cache aerators Cache aerators have been used by OEMs since 2006 and are WaterSense Listed. This hidden aerator threads directly (and disappears) into the faucet spot, making it vandal proof by design. Removal and […]

July 20th

Maintenance Tips: Weatherstripping 101

Most people can remember the winter chill of walking barefoot to a doorway needing weatherstripping. Brr! Similarly, in the summer, if you have the A/C running and the weatherstripping is not sufficient, you’re paying to pump cold air out of your house, and creating gobs of unnecessary carbon emissions at the same time. Install new […]

July 20th