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BrightFarms: Changing the Way our Food System Works

It’s time for a revolution in the food supply chain. BrightFarms, Inc has just announced a big step forward for their business. In this article from Clean Technica, we learn that BrightFarms has been working hard to make our supermarket produce more sustainable, more nutritious, and more delicious. By growing food on the roof of […]

February 19th

Green Living with Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

This year marks the end of incandescent light bulbs. It is not illegal for retailers to sell them or for you to purchase them. But, they can no longer be manufactured or imported into the United States. For many of us who believe in green living, we say, “Good riddance!” Over the short lifetime of […]

February 12th

Rivers in the Atmosphere? How Water Moves in the Sky

Did you know that rivers exist in the air? Atmospheric rivers—the Amazons of the air—are vast and unbroken streams of wind that carry water vapor from tropical oceans, moving thousands of miles through the sky. Scientists discovered them in 1998, when they noticed that water vapor traveled from the tropics into mid-latitudes in narrow and […]

January 28th

Green Product News: Bambu Helps Save Bees!

Bambu is one of our favorite sustainable businesses. Not only do they source great products and take good care of their workers, they produce really beautiful AND functional kitchen and home goods. Read more about Bambu here. Bambu recently announced a corporate initiative to support honey bee research through its sponsorship of Oregon State University’s […]

January 24th

Soybeans Causing Devastation in Argentina

Ed. note: Today we have some startling news about soybeans, shared from our sister site Eat. Drink. Better. Learn more about how soy growing companies are ruining the ecology and economy of Argentina, in pursuit of cheaper meat. Soybeans: Factory Farming and the Destruction of Lands and Lives in Argentina (via Jonty Whittleton in […]

December 31st

Climate Change News: Less Lake Ice

Get your weekly dose of climate change news from Earth Gauge, a free environmental news service from the National Environmental Education Foundation. This super in-depth (and slightly scary) US national climate change news is from their weekly email. Sign up here to get climate change news in your inbox too! Did you know that freshwater lakes […]

December 13th

Algae Blooms tied to Climate Change

From Oregon State University. The OSU College of Science is one of the largest academic units at OSU and has eight departments and programs and 12 pre-professional programs. It provides the basic science courses essential to the education of every OSU student, builds future leaders in science, and its faculty are international leaders in scientific research. […]

November 11th

Scary Food Waste Statistics: An Infographic

Did you know that across the world people waste almost HALF of their food? This means that HALF the food grown by farmers, HALF the food shipped across the globe, HALF the food in the grocery store and HALF the food you purchase ends up wasted. Shocking, right? But there are so many easy ways to reduce food waste: […]

October 7th

Cascadian Farm goes Greener!

Good news from Cascadian Farm! One of our favorite organic companies has gone even greener with the introduction of the first-ever cereal box liner made from renewable plant sources. Cascadian, which makes almost 100 great organic products, including frozen fruits, juices, cereals, jams and more, has been doing so since 1972. They’ve grown beyond their […]

September 11th

Washington I-522: News from Organic Consumers Association

Today’s Green News come from the Organic Consumers Association: Read on about 13 Lies about GMO labeling! Just like in last year’s fight for Prop 37 in California, the bad guys have migrated to Washington State to persuade voters from passing I-522 that will require mandatory labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in all food […]

August 28th