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Make Green Lifestyle Your Protest Against Greed

soaps at a farmer's market

Soaps at a farmer's market

2. Shopping Local

There’s rarely a debate on the importance of Americans buying American-made products. However, somewhere along the way many gave in to the big box stores and chose the local Target and Wal-Mart instead of the mom and pop shop. A few bucks saved here and there was more important than investing in the local economy. Now we’re seeing the monster of our making and have lost too  many indie shops. The good news is that local owned small businesses are willing to find their way back if you are willing to support them. One of the best starting points is the local farmer’s markets. Not only can you pick up your weekly groceries, but you are more than likely to connect with local artisans who can offer clothes, jewelry, treats and other products for which  you’ve been paying a corporation. It’s a lovely bonus to meet the person who created and handmade the product you are sure to enjoy.

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