Published on September 20th, 2011 | by Vivian Nelson Melle


Fall is a Great Time for Recycling Clothes

Young business woman

Young business woman

Clothes for Job Searchers

Do you have a nice suit that you just don’t wear? Is there a pair of nice high heels that just never fit well? These are the types of items that could benefit someone actively searching for work. Times are hard for everyone and when you’ve been unemployed for an extended amount of time, it’s virtually impossible to buy clothes for interviews. With winter just around the corner more people than ever are drastically searching for jobs before the holidays come a’ calling. Donating gently used business attire, dress shoes and purses can not only help an applicant feel ready for their interview, it can help raise their self esteem to new levels. Think of how wonderful a new outfit feels and how much more wonderful it can feel to share that delight with another person.

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Have you donated your clothes? Where do your coats, scarves and gloves go?

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